Affordable and Flexible


The "I Got This" Package

This program is for someone who can workout on their own but still needs the guidance of exactly what to do each day. With this program you will get 4 weekly workouts to do on your own through my app plus on-demand workouts you can choose from when you want to follow along with me. 

What's Included: 

  • 4 Weekly Workouts with video demonstrations

  • Library of on-demand workouts to pick from on your own

  • Support from me, only when you need it

  • Nutritional Ebook


The "Total Accountability" Package

With Fitness by Quinn’s New On-Demand workout option, you can follow along with Quinn and workout! You will be given 4 weekly workouts to do on your own (video demonstrations included) and have 2 weekly on-demand ‘workouts-of-the-day’ where you can follow right along with Quinn. The ‘workouts-of-the-day’ will be posted in the on-demand workout group you will be a part of. You will see everyone checking into their own workouts to help you stay motivated and stay accountable. 

What’s included: 

  • 2 Weekly On-Demand WOD’s (workout-of-the-day)

  • 4 Weekly workouts with video demonstrations 

  • Monthly healthy habit goal setting session

  • Weekly 1:1 Accountability Check in’s 

  • Support Group with amazing women 

  • Nutritional Ebook


The "Fully Personalized" Package

This program is for someone who wants the attention to perform the exercises correctly, work on their form and is ready to take charge to reach their goals ASAP. I work closely with you 1:1 to help you reach your goals and beyond! You will need to fill out a questionnaire before starting so we can see if this program is right for you.

With this option, the program is completely personalized to fit your needs only. I work 1:1 with you and I'm available whenever you need me! With the customized programs it usually takes 3-5 days for program to be complete to begin.



The app is great! I love all the videos and the instructions.

Michelle V.

I love the app! I think it was a good choice. I like only having to look weekly and I don't have to be the one to think about exercises. The exercises have been great, I feel like I'm getting in great shape! I am also so surprised that I am accountable to the app. It's weird but has worked for me!

Skye G.

I've been at a conference all week and I just want to say that the app has totally helped with keeping my accountability for my workouts, diet etc. while on the road! I used to eat/drink like a teenager when I traveled, always bringing sneakers but never using them. Turns out "checking in" and logging stuff is the trick to mindfulness and accountability for me. THANK YOU!

Candice S.




I reccommend to start off with circle bands, a pair of dumbbells and resistance bands that have a door stopper. Those are great starters. I truly believe in working out at home because of the time you save! Investing in equipment is SO worth it and it will last a very, very long time. With my group training program, I only use dumbbells and circle bands in the program. For the 1:1 Personal Training, I use exercises with the equipment you ALREADY have! Trust me, you can get a great workout in without fancy gym equipment!


Legally I can not prescribe a diet plan for you, I'd be happy to refer you to someone who is a dietitian that will help you figure out exactly what you need to eat, remember everyone is different! What I can do is give you nutritional guidance - with both my online training offers, I provide you with an Nutritional Guidance Ebook that will be right on the app where you can look at and download.


My programs are designed with intention and I don't give out cookie-cutter programs to my clients. I believe everyone has a different body which means you have different needs. I will be constantly in touch with you and help you reach your goals!